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Virtual Ticket Only $35

In-Person Ticket Only $497 + Bring A Guest


Can’t Attend My Mastermind Of The Year In Person?

Can’t Attend My Mastermind Of The Year In Person?

Gain Access To The Livestream Of My 3-Day Mastermind

Discover how to shift your mindset, grow your brand and scale your business just like the pros! Don’t let distance or excuses stop you from attending one of the hottest events of the year!

  When: April 14-16 2022

  Where: Wherever You Are

Ready For The Most Powerful & Productive 3-Days Your Business Has Ever Seen?

Sure it’s an event taking place on my birthday… but this is all about YOU: I’m being joined by entrepreneurs from all over the country for the biggest fusion of knowledge and strategies that I’ve ever assembled... 

Here’s just a small taste of what’s on offer:
  • Personal Branding & How You Can Protect It
  • Creating & Scaling Low AND High Products
  • Elite, Sustainable Launch Strategies
  • ​​Facebook & Influencer Ad Mastery
  • ​​​7-Figure Sales, Marketing, Content & Funnels
  • ​The Millionaire Unbreakable Mindset
  • ​Staying Relevant Through Continuity
  • ​And More!
With this mastermind - I’m leaving nobody on the outside looking in…Who says you have to join me in Atlanta to experience hours of content and incredible value?

This is your chance to take your business to the next level from the comfort of your own home: Wherever you are in the world!

Here’s A Sneak Preview Of The Speakers...

I’m so excited to be sharing the stage with a whole host of entrepreneurs from multiple different industries. No matter what your business needs are:  Branding, Copywriting, Marketing, Credit… 

They’ll be giving it everything they’ve got - and it’ll be just like they’re standing right there in front of you!

Who’s Attending This Event?


Owner & CEO Good Energy Worldwide


Spiritual Leader & Coach


CEO of SMB Team


CEO of SMB Team


Business Mentor


INC 500 Entrepreneur & Investor

Why Not Hear From Previous Mastermind Attendees?

The BEST Way To Experience This Mastermind Is Live & In Person

But The Second Best Way Is Streaming The Event Live!

I know we don’t all have the means or the time to hop on a plane and cross the entire country to attend an event like this. But I don’t want you to miss out entirely.

That’s why I’m giving as many people as possible the chance to experience this mastermind event LIVE, LOUD, and PROUD… from wherever they are in the world. You’ll see the lights, hear the applause, feel that same buzz:

...All without leaving your front door.

Tickets to experience this mastermind in person were $2,500… but I’m letting you be a part of this incredible event at a fraction of that price! 

Act now to claim your livestream ticket for the biggest mastermind event of the year at an EXCLUSIVE discounted price: Livestream tickets for this event are not yet available to the public…  So this is your chance to get ahead of the pack and claim your place at this life-changing mastermind.

Special Early Bird Offer:

Pay $35.00 On This Page Only & Save Over 80% Now!

Price When Livestream Tickets Go Live: $497.00
Disclaimer: This Event Is NOT For Everyone

Half Measures Will NOT Be Accepted At This Mastermind

Half Measures Will NOT Be 
Accepted At This Mastermind

If you’re someone who settles for anything less than the absolute best for you and your business: This event is not for you. However: If you are willing to invest whatever time and money it takes to get your business to where you want it to be?

This event could be the turning point you and your business need. No matter your niche, no matter your experience, no matter your background… If this is something you want more than anything else in the world: This Mastermind Event can finally make things happen for you. 

All you have to do is focus on your passion for what you do… and the desire to change your life forever! You may miss out on attending this incredible 3-day event in person - but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out altogether. Now is the time to act!
© 2024 Circle of Greatness, LLC | All Rights Reserved
© 2024 Circle of Greatness, LLC| All Rights Reserved